Export to AAC stops after 6 tracks

I am using Mac OSX 10.8.3 and Audacity 2.0.3 downloaded from dmg.

I have recorded a cassette and annotated the tracks as per the Audacity help files. When I try to export the tracks to AAC using Export Multiple (it is the same with exporting to MP3) Audacity exports the first 6 tracks perfectly and then stops after the 6th. The message is “Export canceled after exporting the following 6 file(s)”. There are 17 tracks. I have tried re-recording the cassette but the result is the same.

How can I export more than 6 tracks?

Are you doing Export Multiple based on labels? If so, check the text in the labels. Do not use any special characters in the labels as these may not be valid as file names. In particular, avoid using the “slash” (/) character. Safest to stick with letters and numbers.
If you are using Export multiple based on tracks, check that the track names are not using characters that are not valid in file names.

You’ve got it! There was a slash lurking there. Thank you very much.