Export to .3gp

I have been searching the forums as well as youtube, the wiki, and more to find my answer.I hope I have decided to post my question in the right place.

I am running windows 7 which I don’t believe matters, and have the latest exe install.

First I want to say that I recently got a new computer, and believe that on my old one (in the trash now) had the capability of directly exporting to 3gp. Perhaps I am mistaken and I had a second converter to do this for me, as it has been a while since Ive exported anything to 3gp.

I want to be able to convert audio clips to a format that all mobile phones can send and receive in text message form. From what I knew before, 3gp is the best answer for this, so I had always converted to 3gp. If there is a better format please let me know.

Now to the question I came to ask, with the lame mp3 files installed, and the FFmpeg library, is there something else I need to do in order to export to 3gp? I found a way (thought I had anyway) to manually convert to 3gp, and used this. However the files all contain no audio or anything at all. They are simply an icon and name. I used FILE>EXPORT>CUSTOM FFMPEG EXPORTs

FFMpeg software add-on is the generally accepted way to expand Audacity’s format talents – both directions.

However the files all contain no audio or anything at all.

How do you know?


That lets you choose any codec/format combination and not all of them are going to work (as the dialogue says).

It should work if you choose “3gp” for format (near the bottom of the list) and “libfaac” for codec. 3GP files normally contain AAC or AMR audio.

Alternatively try choosing “AMR (narrow band) Files (FFmpeg)” and save the file with .3gp extension (say Yes when Audacity warns you about this).