Export then Burn mp3s in Order

I am “exporting multiple” as mp3 and my tracks are labelled Track 1, etc, but when I burn, whether directly thru my computer (MS xp) or using Windows Media Player, they seem to burn in random order. Once exported, how do I get them to burn in order?

Most Music CD burners have provision to change the order during the Authoring step. If you don’t, they usually default to numeric or alphabetic according to binary, not human numbers. This can give you some strange music orders. track1, track10, track2…

<<<I am “exporting multiple” as mp3>>>

Why are you doing that? MP3 causes damage because it’s a compressed format. Audacity default and Music CD are both WAV – uncompressed and undamaged. You can change Audacity Preferences to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo and Audacity and Music CDs will have exactly the same format. Export Multiple WAV into your CD authoring program. You can also Export As MP3 if you need to for your personal music player, but Music CDs don’t need it and it can cause problems.


Thx 4 the speedy reply koz. Just converted some 25 year old 90 minute mixed cassettes for friends, and believe me, “quality” conversions wouldn’t have saved much, and even with overburning, I couldn’t get 90 mins on 1 CD, so I went mp3 to keep it on one CD.

Two further questions, because I have never been prompted with the “authoring” step:

I wm player, is the setting “use media info to arrange files on disc” on the "burn"tab the authoring you speak of?

Will I not have the order problem if I burn wav ?

<<<I couldn’t get 90 mins on 1 CD, so I went mp3 to keep it on one CD.>>>

A few notes about that. A Music CD that will play in your older car has a maximum capacity of 78-1/2 minutes give or take. That one takes a Music CD authoring program that will allow you arrange the order of the songs and do other production changes. That music disk has the best compatibility no matter where you mail it. It will play music on anything.

You can also make a Data CD which is basically a flat, silvery hard drive. You don’t get any options with that one. The machine will take the files in whatever order it chooses, but a Data CD cannot exceed 700 MB of “stuff,” and the stuff can be anything – Photoshop pictures, Excel spreadsheets, or any kind of music file. If you do put music files on there, it will only play in a computer. It will not play in CD players and it certainly will not play in your old car – or your mom’s car.

Windows Media is trying to burn a real Music CD for you – two second gaps between the songs and all. Your problem will be the 78-1/2 minutes of recording time. You cannot change that without changing the type of disk you are burning. You either have a standard Music CD or you don’t.

Make two standard Music CDs. Where is it written you have to jam it all on one?