Export splitted file

I started from a single flac file, which I want to convert to wav after splitting into 4 tracks.
I selected the 4 portions, affixed the labels.
However, if I use the multiple export, 4 separate files are created, if I export and just continue it results in a single file.
Is it possible to export a single file with the 4 tracks inside it? Thank you


If you export as a single file, it will appear to other apps as one long track. Only Audacity can see the splits in projects.

Oh, I see!
But is there a way to obtain what I need?

What exactly is it that you need?

To have a unique file which, opened f.e. with VLC,
contains the various sound track

I don’t think that’s possible on Linux.

iTunes has a way to do that using “chapter” tags, but they are not widely supported.

The usual way (widely supported) is to create one file per “track”, and a “play list” to tell the player to play them one after another.
A common playlist format is M3U: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U

ok, thank you!