Export Selected Audio...

macOS Monterey 12.0.1
Audacity 3.1.0
Hi, and thanks for any help. I have long used Audacity for PC and recently started using it on my MacBook. Of late, possibly after the OS update, or the Audacity update, or both, when I Export Selected Audio… the procedure has become frustratingly weird.

  1. The cursor no longer defaults to the Save As… box.
  2. When I highlight the text already within that box (which is the directory name EG Midnight Oil - Diesel and dust) plus the suffix .flac and then delete it, when I type in the track title .flac is added after the first character.
  3. I can then delete the X.flac and type the track title.
    I have no idea whether I have accidently changed a parameter or whether there’s a glitch somewhere but. although a small thing, it’s irritating and really slows me down. Otherwise Audacity seems to work as well as it always did.
    Thanks for any pointers.