'Export selected audio' is greyed out

Hi there,

I am using windows 10 home, 64-bit, version 1709, Os build 16299.19 (the creators update) using a Dell XPS13 9350 laptop and am unable to use the ‘export selected audio’ button because it is ‘greyed out’

Despite looking online for an answer (without an definive answer) and uninstalling/reinstalling Audacity the problem still exists.

Can you help?
Thank you and best regards,
Michael Jones.

If you don’t select anything, does straight, plain File > Export work?


It’s normally grayed-out if you have made no selection (or if you don’t have the autoselect turned on in your preferences).

So try making a selection and then see if the connamd is still grayed-out and unavailable.


Hi, Thanks for your reply, however, I am currently in Spain and using my laptop but, with my desktop Pc at home in the UK i use Audacity regularly and never have this problem.

All I’m doing is downloading songs from Utube, using MediaHuman ‘Youtube to MP3 Converter’ which puts them into a folder from there i just drag the file into Audacity and edit the file using the ‘Cut’ and ‘Fade Out’ options when I’m done I press the yellow stop button and proceed to press the ‘Export selected audio’ option - but since I downloaded the latest version of Audacity onto my laptop I am no longer able to do this for some reason.

You mention the autoselect in the preferences but I don’t see that option at all. HELP…