export recordings to tuxguitar or guitarpro

Sorry, I’m new to all this and maybe I’m on the wrong forum.

I want to record guitar and then make tablatures with tuxguitar or guitarpro. Is this possible with Audacity?

Yes you can record the guitar in Audacity.
Yes you can make tablature with tuxguitar or guitarpro.
No you can’t import an audio recording into tuxguitar or guitarpro and have it automatically converted to tab.

Tuxguitar and GuitarPro are MIDI programs. MIDI is not audio.

OK Thanks
I’ll have to find a good program to convert to midi and then it should be possible

Converting audio to MIDI is a very complex task, especially if there is more than one note playing at a time.

Good luck with your search - if you find a good program that can do this (especially if it is a free open source program), do let us know - I’m sure there will be many other users interested.