Export Problem

Hi, I’m a total newbie with Audacity but I have been given a talking book to master and it has been given to me as an Audacity project. My problem is that I’m trying to export the individual tracks (3 in total) so I can do a little post production work on them individually. The length of the project is approx 6.5 hours and the resulting wav files reflect that in their size but when I bring them into my audio editor I am only getting 1 min 51 sec of audio. I am using a MacbookPro running Yosemite. My audio editor is Sony Sound Forge But I have also tried loading the files into Presonus Studio One Pro and have the same issue.

Any thoughts?


Any thoughts?

Is it too late to turn down the job?

WAV filesizes have a natural limit of 2GB or 4GB depending on how you count. My stand-alone WAV sound recorders all capture to the 2GB limit and start a new file. So if you went over that limit anywhere in the process, that could be where your missing sound went. Do Not step on or damage the original Audacity Project. Save a backup in a safe place.

Have you ever done theatrical audio production before? If nothing goes wrong, you will be editing, by my count, continuously for 38 hours counting the final, clean run-through that ACX recommends. That’s what, five business days? What was your time budget?

Are you submitting to ACX AudioBook? Have you before? The forum has tools that mimic the ACX Quality Control Robot. You won’t have to play ping-pong with them until you’re sure the work is going to pass. It’s harder than you might think.

Let us know.


Thanks Koz, duh!! I hadn’t thought about the file limits. I’ll take a copy of the project and try exporting a smaller part of the audio and see what happens.

No, it’s not my intention to get this ready entirely to audiobook standard, all I’m doing is denoising the audio a bit with RX4 and maybe as little EQ and compression. Set and forget templates which I can get going and “walk away”. Someone else can do all the hard work!!

given to me as an Audacity project.

I’m taking you at your word. You have an AUP file and a _DATA folder with a ton of little sound snippets in it? That’s an Audacity Project. That will blow out to the original multiple audio tracks with labels and other production environments (but not UNDO).

WAV files won’t do that.


Yes, that’s exactly what I have. I have tried selecting a smaller time period (one hour) and the export to wav worked perfectly. I guess I’m going to have to do multiple exports to make this work. No matter, I’ll use the same templates on each file.

Thanks for your help.

If your audio editors support it, you can also export as one lossless FLAC or RF64 file. Those formats do not have the 4 GB file size limit.

RF64 is accessed by choosing “Other uncompressed files” then clicking “Options…”.