Export other uncompressed files with chains?


I’m a sound designer, and love Audacity’s chains for batch processing. However, I find it problematic that I can only export 16 bit WAV files, when my source files are 24 bit. Sometimes I would also like to export 8 bit for phones etc.

Is there any workaround to get other bit rates for WAV exports in chains?

Thank you!

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The only workaround is to always keep at least one copy of all your work in a high quality format (such as 24-bit WAV). There are any number of batch file converters that can then convert those files to lower quality formats (converting to a higher quality format does not improve the quality).

Adding other files types to Chains is a popular feature request, but as with all feature requests is dependent on there being someone with the time, skill and inclination to develop the code. It will probably happen some day, but there is no schedule. If you know any software developers, please do encourage them to contribute to open source software :wink: