Export options grayed out

Absolute newbie, Mac 10.6.8, Audacity 2.0.3, installed Lame. Imported an hour-long mp3 file and detached at silences at 30+ places. I think I selected everything, because the background on all segments is gray. I’d now like to export, preferably track-by-track, but all options on file tab except Open Recent and Import are grayed out, and I haven’t the faintest notion of what to do. Help for this very basic problem???

Have you pressed the Stop button as per this FAQ Audacity Manual ?

Having pressed Stop, you probably want to use Analyze > Silence Finder to label each track then File > Export Multiple.

If exporting to MP3 please be aware that these MP3s will be of worse quality than the MP3 file you imported, because Audacity must re-encode the MP3’s. Therefore for cuts and volume edits you may want to consider another tool like Macsome or Audion: Missing features - Audacity Support .


Thanks much. This seems to get me where I need to go.