Export not working (2.2.1) [SOLVED]

Hello, I am experiencing the following problems:

    1. Upon opening the dialog for export and selecting “MP3”, Audacity does not see the other MP3 files in this folder that I had previously saved prior to updating to 2.2.1.
  1. I tried exporting anyway and… After Audacity has finished going through the motions of exporting to MP3 (~35 seconds spent “exporting” 40 minutes of 80kbps mono program), the file does not appear in Windows Explorer (the folder specified during export).

Any ideas regarding what is going on or how to fix this?

Which Windows?


More info:

  1. Windows 7 Pro.
  2. When using “Import”, Audacity operates normally.
  3. Interestingly, I can see the previously “Exported” (lost) file in the filetree of the Export dialog, even after restarting my PC.

Maybe Audacity is not writing things correctly to a Windows file registry?

Also, Dropbox did not see the exported file during a sync. (The exported file does not appear in the specified folder when I access Dropbox through my web browser – but the old exported files are visible.)

Okay, I figured it out…

I had renamed a folder several levels up from my Export folder since I last used Audacity.

Upon Export, Audacity failed to check the current filetree structure and instead forced the re-creation of folders that matched the old filetree structure – and then put the file in there.

I did not catch what was going on because the Export folder name was the same (but a folder several levels farther up the tree had the deprecated name).

So… People, beware that, if you change the filetree structure on your PC, then you need to check your entire filepath before exporting.

Does DropBox have hot links into your computer? You may have hit it. Audacity doesn’t always get along with integrated network services.

It may look like a friendly DropBox folder on your desktop, but it’s really a network shortcut and may not act like a standard Windows folder. For example, file transfer success is not an internal drive service. It has to come from the sloppy network link.


Good point, but no, I had Dropbox turned off.

I always have Dropbox turned off (“exited”) unless I am doing a sync. After a given sync has finished, I immediately exit Dropbox so that it is no longer running in the background.

Along the lines of what you are saying, I do not like what it does in the background while I am trying to work. Plus, I have limited space and do not want the project files that are created by “Import” of a 75-minute file to cause my account to reach its limit. (I work with podcasts.) Ever since I installed Dropbox several years ago, this is how I have been operating.

In an attempt to prevent this problem from happening again in the future, I made a request for change to how Audacity works: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/filetree-recognition-in-export-dialog/47655/1