export multiple

When exporting multiple to MP3 having set the labels on the project archive the metadate editor appears and automatically the track title and track number are set according to the labels in the project, but the album title is one I had used in my first export. I change this for the album title of the present export and save it, but when exporting the second track the album title has newly changed to the first one and I must change it once more and so on with all the tracks. How can I do to put one album title and maintain it for all tracks?
I don’t speak English very well but I hope you can understand my question.

:question: I am not clear on your complaint here. You can of course set your title via Edit > Metadata to “maintain it for all tracks”, but if you change it for the first track you will still have to change it back for the next track if you want something different.

Here is what I do backing up individual tracks in a project…

  1. File → Export → Export Selected Audio.
  2. Click on the original file. The name i “File name” field will change to the original, which can be edited, without having to retype it → Save.
  3. Fill in the MetaData tags, Save for future loading - OK.

Thanks for sharing. :wink: