export multiple

Windows 10 home vs21H2 os build19044.1526 Audacity 3.1.3
Trying to export a recording that’s ready to export. At export multiple, going thru the steps in tutorial
When I come to the choose option, where can I sent my file so it will drag and drop into Itunes?
I put it into windows file explorer will drag but not drop. Am new to Audacy and not very good on puters. Any help be appreciated.

Almost anywhere… Maybe your Music folder? :wink: Maybe wherever your other iTunes files are (if you already have some).

But, I’d recommend making a separate-temporary folder (It can be in your main music folder) until you’re sure they are good. I make a folder for each album so whatever I’m saving would already be in its own separate folder.

iTunes doesn’t care how you organize your files & folders. You can leave it anywhere and add it to your iTunes (or other player) library. As long as the files are “tagged” with artist/album/song information your player software will be happy.