Export Multiple

I have a recording from a concert (choir with 4 mics) with four tracks. The recording is over an hour long. There are 11 areas of interest (songs) I’d like to isolate into a set of 11 groups of files with all four tracks separately. I want to import those into ardour for post-processing on a song-by-song basis.

The export multiple option looks very useful to me, but it seems to either export all tracks or the isolated songs (labelled with region labels). The 1st option is not what I want, but also the second option is useless to me as it downsamples my four track into one instead of saving each separately.

Is there a trick I have not seen or do I have to manually use ‘export selection’ for each track and song separately ?


  1. create a label for each song.
  2. Press the Solo button on the first track.
  3. Export Multiple based on labels

The 11 songs for Mic 1, are now exported.

  1. Solo the second track. (Ensure that ONLY track 2 is soloed)
  2. Export multiple. Ensure that the “overwrite” option is off.

The 11 songs for Mic 2, are now exported.

Note: The “overwrite” option is not retained. You need to deselect it each time.

Repeat the above for the other two tracks.

For that to work, Markus would have to go to the Tracks Preferences and set “Solo Button” to “Simple”, which is not default. To prevent a track being exported, it has to be explicitly muted with the Mute button on, not merely greyed out because it is not soloed.

This sounds like another feature request for “Export multiple by tracks and labels”. :slight_smile:


I never realised that. That’s crazy :astonished:

It was clear at http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audio_tracks.html#mute that Mute had to be pressed to kill export, but not clear in a few other places in the Manual.

I made it clearer.


Thanks for that (but it’s still crazy)