"Export Multiple" won't export tracks with >2 channels

I’ve got a 40 minute 6 channel (5.1) track that I’m trying to export as multiple 5.1 FLACs. I’ve split the track into 10 labels. I’ve set Import/Export to “Use Advanced Mixing Options”.

I can successfully export a track individually as a 5.1 FLAC - I get the “Advanced Mixing Options” window right before I click OK, the file saves, and it’s a 5.1 FLAC.

However when I try to bulk export all the tracks at once using “Export Multiple”, I don’t get the “Advanced Mixing Options” window and it converts each labeled track to a stereo FLAC.

Is there a way to use “Advanced Mixing Options” with “Export Multiple”?

Fortunately I can just export the tracks one at a time (though it seems to ignore the label data when I do that), but it would be nice if Export Multiple allowed >2 channels.

Using Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 10. Cheers.

From the manual (Import / Export Preferences - Audacity Manual)

Use Advanced Mixing Options: > When this option is enabled, an Advanced Mixing Options window appears immediately after completing the Export Audio Dialog (> custom mix is not available when using Export Multiple or Macros> ).

You can however use custom mix with “Export Selected Audio”, so you could, for example, use
“Edit Menu > Labeled Audio > Split” to split the tracks at each label boundary (Edit Menu: Labeled Audio - Audacity Manual)
“Select Menu > Clip Boundaries > Next/Previous Clip” to select the appropriate section (Select Menu: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual)
“File menu > Export > Export Selected Audio” to export (File Menu: Export - Audacity Manual)

Steve: Thanks for the super-fast response and apologies for not fully RTFM. I had guessed it was a bug/oversight and wanted to know if I should report it, but the behavior is known. I’m all set now - cheers.