Export Multiple: use single dialog

When exporting multiple files I get a new dialog for every file I export. This dialog takes focus, which is the most annoying part. When I’m doing something else and typing and Enter just when the dialog pops up I cancel the export.

I would love to see the progress happen in the same dialog where I pressed OK to export, or at least a single dialog that for example has a progress bar for all files and for the active file.


There’s an option in Preferences to stop the Metadata Editor from opening for each file.
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/import_export_preferences.html
“Show Metadata Tags editor before export:”

Thanks for this, but this only saves one dialog. I am talking about the little dialogs that follow for each file with the line “exporting the entire project as FLAC”.

It just happened again while I was typing this message. I hit space just when the file export dialog stole focus, and space made the focused button (“Stop”) click, so I have to start again.

Any idea how I can surpress them from stealing focus?


I don’t think you can. Just go and make yourself a cup of coffee and come back when it has finished.