Export-Multiple Tag editor comment field becomes new default; used to stay blank

Running 2.4.2 on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS. Before upgrading, the tag editor panel would be seeded with the metadata defaults, with only the title field updated. Now, when I enter a comment, which pertains only to that track, that comment becomes the new default, and I have to manually clear it for the next track. Either this is a newly introduced mis-feature, or else the behavior has become configurable and I need to find how to configure it back to using the saved default. Yes, I see that 3.3 is out, and I saw a comment from a month ago that the exporter is being reworked. Will upgrade after current project is complete.

This is the pull request in question

It should hit master/3.4 alpha later this week. If you have a github acconut, an appimage is available at New export UI · audacity/audacity@e41f208 · GitHub

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