Export multiple [SOLVED]

I’m running Fedora 31 with Xfce4 and have Audacity 2.3.3 installed from the Fedora repo. I have about 8 .wma files that I need to turn into mp3 because that’s the only format my new car radio understands. I presume that I can either import them all then use Export multiple, or use a macro to do the same thing, but I don’t know enough about the program to do it and there’s really nothing in the manual that covers this so I’d appreciate a little help. I’m not a newcomer to Linux or Fedora, just to this program, so take that into consideration when giving me advice. Thanx in advance for any help.

Have you tried importing one .wma file and exporting as mp3?
If that works, then it won’t take many minutes to do the other 7. But if you want to be adventurous, then yes you could import all 7 and use Export Multiple to export them all as separate MP3 files.

I have eight files left to convert after I did the first to make sure it works. I also tried importing the remaining files all at once and it opened up one window for each. Is this what I’m supposed to expect?

If you use the “Open” command it will open a new project for each file.

You need to use the “Import Audio” command, which will import each file into the current project. “File menu > Import > Import Audio”

OK, that did it! Thanx! It took me a bit of experimenting to get them loaded, but once that was done it was easy. I’ll be back, next time I need a pointer.