export multiple should NOT use mixer settings!

When using the export multiple feature, the resulting WAV tracks are not exact copies of the original tracks. It appears that the mixer settings (GAIN and PAN) for each track are applied to the exported tracks. This is illogical! An exported track should be exported without modification, just a WAV formatted copy of the original track!

In addition, there is something wrong with the way the PAN settings are applied. If a pan setting is full left, the exported track is full gain, however, as the PAN setting changes from full left to full right, the exported track’s gain decreases proportionately until at full right the gain is -36 (for a totally silent track!

If this application of mixer settings is intentional, there should be an option to disable it for those of us who want to simply export and not MIX.

This feature is very useful for some people.
To export tracks without any change in pan position or volume - do not adjust the pan or volume. The default is Pan Centre (no change) and Gain 0dB (no change).