Export Multiple should ignore point labels

I thought I’d save some time by using Export Multiple to export a bunch of labeled regions as separate files. Problem was I also had a lot of point labels (correct term here?) and the export process picked those up too. Doesn’t seem useful - what would it export?

It would export audio from the start of the point label to the next point label or to the start of the next region label.

Allowing a mix of point and region labels is handy if you mostly have point labels but want to exclude a specific region, which you can do by placing a region label before the region you want to exclude. This won’t be disallowed. It could be a preference, but preferences are already bloated so it wouldn’t be added.

If you want point labels for annotation, put them on a separate label track underneath the one with the region labels. Currently, labels are only exported for the uppermost label track.


a big -1 for this suggestion.

I use point labels all the time to break up my LP transcriptions - I find them much easier to work with than the range labels.


I assumed the suggestion really meant that point labels should be ignored if the label track included region labels. Then we’d also get people wanting to ignore region labels if the label track included point labels…


That’s the solution :mrgreen: ! Thanks!