Export Multiple no longer indicates which filename is being exported

Just updated to the latest release. Among the changes I’ve noticed is that, when I Export Multiple (based on labels, if that matters), the dialog no longer has the filename in the title bar (at least, I think that’s where it was before). So, if I want to see what’s exporting, I must go to the destination folder and watch the files being added.

@RichR my testing on W10 shows that this is a regression on Audacity 3.3.3, introduced in 3.4.0 when Muse changed the export dialogs to be a single consolidated export dialog.

I can log this later on GitHub - Muse may or may not decide that this is worth tackling (especially since you have your workaround) - but who knows …


yeah, that’s a minor enhancement worthwhile doing. Not something we’d prioritize though.

OK Leo, so I’ll go ahead and log it …


Logged as:


see also related post here where I describe the behavior in 3.5.0/1 : individual export windows are not visible at all any more on top of the main export window - the “solution”? The issue on github however is not marked as fixed.