Export multiple is limited to 4[SOLVED]

After using my USB turntable to record an LP album of 12 songs, I divided each track of 12 with names of each song. Each time I try Export Multiple to my desktop folder, I get the first 3 as single songs, and the 4th includes one block of the remaining 9 songs, and it immediately exports.
I’m using an iMac with OS 10.4.11 and Audacity v 2.0.2. How can I get Export Multiple to actually export multiple single songs of an LP album?

Just trying to get a mental picture of what you are doing, so - How exactly did you do that?

I divided each track

You didn’t use the right words there. “I put a label at the front of each song I wanted exported.” Is that exactly what you did?

Did you write any metadata in the export? Try it again and don’t label the songs – don’t put anything in the label box. Audacity should respond with something like Song-1, Song-2 or something like that.

Tiger is a pretty old machine. Do you have enough memory, hard drive and resources to edit music?


I have followed, to the letter, the instructions on this online manual page:
Splitting a recording into separate tracks
Metadata e00 to d00 was included.
The steps I followed were: from menu bar, pull down Tracks—>Add new—>Label track. Then, on the left under Label Track, clicked the down triangle and select Name. For each division of the total track, I typed in the names for each song. When done, under File menu, selected ‘Export Multiple.’ Select the format, wav or aup.
The program will export the first 3 songs as individual. Instead of separating the next 9 songs individually, it lumps them all into one track of 9 songs.

My iMac G5, with OS 10.4.11, has a CPU speed of 2.1 GHz, has 2.5 GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory. I thought Audacity 2.0.2 would work with OS 10.4.11 Is that not so? I have not seen “System Requirements” before downloading this new version.

Audacity v 1.2.6 worked just fine. We even had a simple .pdf manual that included USB turntable instructions. 2.02 has only an online manual with dozens of pages and 10,000 links, mostly irrelevant to what your problem is. If you don’t have several hours to peruse through that many links, it may be easier and faster to do ‘trial & error’ with the menu bar & tools.
This is an improvement ???

See Tina the Tech Writer in “Dilbert.” She’s my hero.

If there’s anything harder than programming/development, it’s writing down what you did. I’m a minor deity at work because I can write coherent English…most times.

We’re open for people who want to write the instructions. Interested? Remember This isn’t a client/supplier relationship. It’s all volunteer, peer to peer. Want to be one of the peers?

What did you call the song titles? I still want you to try one where you don’t put any titles or words in and try to export anyway – or at least go past what you have now, where you got suck. Say five or six songs. You can make fake song breaks. They don’t have to line up with the first note. This is just for experiment until we figure out what happened.


If so, Audacity did not write it:
http://audacityteam.org/help/legacy_documentation.php .

For 2.0.2 there is:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/recording_with_usb_turntables.html .

It is linked to from a FAQ that says How do I record from vinyl records, cassette tapes or MiniDiscs? .

I don’t agree. 2.0.2 has many tutorials written for day-to-day tasks:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorials.html .

The major deficiency is that you cannot search the whole document as you could in a PDF. The documentation is written online in HTML. There are many problems with converting that professionally to PDF, not least that all the links work, including image links.

I’ll add your vote that you want a PDF Manual, though. It’s a common request.


You aren’t following the instructions quite correctly. See the link http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html . You have to do one of the following or the other, not a mixture of them:

  • Split one long Audacity track into its parts entirely using labels to mark and name the split points, then tell Export Multiple to “Split Files Based On: Labels”
  • Have one Audacity track above each other for each song on the album, do not use a label track, name each song in its Track Drop-Down Menu (downward=pointing triangle as you describe) , then tell Export Multiple to “Split Files Based On: Tracks”.

If you have four Audacity tracks above each other and are telling Export Multiple to “Split Files Based On:Tracks”, that’s the answer. Tell it to Split on Labels for the remaining tracks.

If you are still stuck after that, drag-select the piece you want to export and File > Export Selection. Repeat until done.


Thanks for great suggestions… I’ll try them out and let you know if they worked.
I love to write, but it would take me a long time before I get to master Audacity 2.0.2 enough to write a .pdf manual. I do have suggestions for a sequence of how it should be written.
1st - Settings, in System Preferences and Preferences in Audacity (input & output settings) Also, Setting under Utilities (in Mac hard drive - open Audio MIDI Setup app.)
2nd. Description of what symbols in the Audacity window do, and how they function - including proper settings for the line of Built-in output, and the line below the recording frame.
Include graphics and refer to them.
3rd. How to use the tools in the top menu bar, especially the functions of the commands that are NOT self-explanatory, such as those under ‘Effect.’ Don’t assume the readers know what terms mean, like “loop,’ Sync-Lock, or any other term not ordinarily used in layman English.
These are all probably described in the many online manual links, but it would be great to have these most important tools described in just a few .pdf pages.
As to my titles of the 12 songs in my LP album, I called them by their names. They were from the Goldman Band of John Phillip Sousa marches, in oder: “Stars & Stripes Forever,” “El Capitan,” “Washington Post March,” etc.

I can’t see a lot of point in a very short PDF.

The best way to find things in the Manual is to figure out what part of the interface you are in from
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/index.html#reference (or the links below that big image) then click the link.

Clicking the Transport Menu in the big image brings you to a page describing Sync=Lock and all the other Transport Menu items.

Apart from searching the Manual, we could do with a proper cross-referenced Index that would have all the menu items in it:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/index.html .


I followed your advice with: Split one long Audacity track into its parts entirely using labels to mark and name the split points, then tell Export Multiple to “Split Files Based On: Labels” And, it worked exporting all 8 songs of my new project! Thanks very much. Keytez