I recently downloaded Audacity v. 2.1.1 and installed it with the install .exe. This is Windows 7.

I’m trying to convert an LP to a CD. I successfully recorded one side to Audacity and saved it to a project file “MAMAS AND PAPAS SIDE1”. Next I added six labels. Next I attempted to export the results using the Export Multiple function. This appeared to work at first but then I discovered only two of the songs were complete, the others were drastically truncated.

“Monday Monday” and “You Baby” are intact but the rest are of minimal size. Is there a logical explanation for this?
Bob Brackett

Make sure you only added point labels. If you inadvertently dragged a small region label, you will only export that small region.

If it’s a region label it will have a right pointing arrowhead in the Timeline as well as left-pointing one. The below is a region label, though it may not look like it.

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