Export multiple files steals focus

When I export multiple files (based on the label names), the dialog in v.3 has been improved over v.2 but for each file a dialog is opened that steals focus! I let Audacity do it’s thing storing files, I am in a text editor writing a review, and the focus is taken away when the next file is due. When I am typing a space or enter, the button with focus is pressed and it cancels the process so I have to start again! Why?!?! How can I prevent this?

Ah sorry, I should have mentioned I am on Linux (Xubuntu 23.04)… But your answer did give me the hint to look for anything with the window manager. And I found something! I’ve not seen this setting in previous versions of xfce but in Window Manager Settings there is now actually a checkbox that says focus should go to newly created windows! While I am typing this an export of multiple files is running and although the focus is taken away from where I am typing, at least it is not given to the dialog with the Stop button having focus. So I am one step further, not there yet, but at least the most annoying part is over!