Export Multiple does not work for anything other than the first track

Linux version: Xubuntu 17.10, kernel 4.13.0-46-generic x86_64
Audacity version: 2.2.2
Package version: 2.2.2-1build1~ubuntu17.10
Installed from PPA

Synopsis: Export Multiple does not work for anything other than the first track.

I have a project with multiple audio tracks. Each audio track has a label track underneath it. I would like to export audio to FLAC for all tracks, based on the label. So for example if I have:
Track T1
Label L1_1 L1_2
Track T2
Label L2_1

Then I would like the export process to result in three files: Track T1 audio for the timespan included in label L1_1 boundaries; Track T2 audio for L1_2, and track T3 for label L2_1. I don’t want the audio mixed from across different tracks.

I go to File > Export > Export Multiple with the options:

  • Format: FLAC
  • Level: 8
  • Bit: 16 bit
  • Split files based on: Labels
  • Name files: Using Label/Track Name

Then I get a metadata editor for L1_1 and L1_2, and as a result I get 2 files, not 3.

If I select only label L2_1 such that its audio is selected, and do the File > Export > Export Multiple again, I am prompted for metadata for the labels on T1 again.

How do I achieve what I’m trying to do?

Export Multiple will export one or more files based on “tracks” OR “labels”.

When based on tracks, each audio track is exported as a separate file. Label tracks are ignored.

When based on labels, the labels in the FIRST (topmost) label track define the start and end times of each exported file. Each exported file is a mix of all tracks in the project, and subject to their Track Gain, Track Pan, and Mute button settings (muted tracks are not included in the mix.
For full details, see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_multiple.html

As you are only wanting to export parts of three tracks, without mixing, it will probably be easier to use “Export Selected Audio”.
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/file_menu_export.html#export_selected_audio

I can confirm that this does not work for Windows 10. It would be great if this could be fixed as soon as possible. The Export Multiple works for labels, but not for track names. When I try to Export Multiple using Track Name, it simply creates 1 big file.

I’m pretty sure that it does work with the current version of Audacity, so please start a new topic in the Windows forum (here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=46) so that we can work out why it isn’t working for you.
Don’t forget to say which version of Audacity you are using, and provide as much information as possible about what you are doing.

I actually just downloaded this newest update of audacity a few days ago. Using windows 10. I noticed when i go to export multiple files.
It will not start each individual track at the beginning of the song for example.

track 1 will start at beginning then next track 2 will have a black space where track 1 ended and so on and so on.
Every track has blank space at beginning until next track begins playing.
example: if you have 6 tracks at 10 minutes each, track 6 will have blank space for 50 mins before track 6 starts playing.

I tried a few times to figure out if i was doing something wrong but noticed its a glitch in your multiple export.

In the old version of audacity this worked perfect with no issues. You could export multiple tracks and would start tracks where track markers were placed and start and end all tracks at correct times.

Hopefully my explanation of this problem is clear.

For Export Multiple, you should use either:
Multiple Tracks → Export each full track as a file.
One Track + Labels → Export each labelled section as a file.

Most problems come from trying to use multiple tracks AND labels. Don’t do that. That’s not how to use Export Multiple.

More details: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_multiple.html

You need to got to Edit > Preferences > Export / Import and check on “Ignore blank space at the beginning”

See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/import_export_preferences.html

where it states

Ignore blank space at the beginning: > This is off by default, so Audacity will treat any leading blank space as silence when exporting audio and will place the appropriate amount of silence at the beginning of the exported audio file. You can check this option if you do not wish to have such silence added.


Thanks Peter. I didn’t have clue this was in preferences. Now it works like the way I want. Appreciate you letting me know.