Export Multiple does not create WAV files.

I use Windows 7 and have updated to 2.0.

When I try to “export multiples” I get a message that “6 files have been created” (or something like). First of all, there should be 48 separate tracks. When I look at the “history” it indicated that there is a file with 0 KB of information.No WAV file is created. I have read the faqs repeatedly and follow the instructions scrupulously, all to no avail. I would appreciate any help that could be offered. I await success with the audacity of hope (how many thousand times has that been used before ?) Thank you.

Do you get one working WAV file if you Export Selected or just Export the whole thing? How big is the whole thing? There are some interesting limitations in sound formats. Koz

I take it you have a project with one label track that has 48 labels in it, and you want to “Export Multiple” the audio between each pair of labels as 48 separate files?

Note that if you have more than one label track only the labels in the first (top-most) label track will be used.

Can you post a screen shot of the project window?

– Bill

Windows 7 2.0 from .exe installer

I tried to Export Multiple by labels. I got the message when complete, “Successfully exported 14 tracks.” When I opened the file, there were 1,240 .aup files that played 1 screens length portions of the tracks. In my “File > Recent Files” box, I now have these 1,240 “c:b00165” type files. I do not look forward to deleting them. No WAV files were created. This is a mystery to me since I have followed the directions. I am beginning to despair and my esteem of the cassette2USB is growing dim. Thank you any one for any help you can offer.

Windows 7 2.0 from exe.
Mr. Koz,
I tried exporting the whole thing and did not get a WAV file. Then I made the disastrous mistake of attempting to Export Multiple using “tracks.” I got the message “Successfully exported 14 tracks.” This created 1,240 mini .aup files that play for 1 screens length. When I open my “Recent Files,” is is congested with these 1,240 “C:b00165,” “C:/b00166,” etc. aup. files, which I do not relish deleting.

The recording is 1:00:32 minutes long. When I tried recording it before, it was about 633 KB. When I tried exporting my 1st attempt at this project as a single file, it only burned the recording made on the uppermost track. Is there anyway to ensure that this does not happen again ? Thank you in advance for any help anyone can render me. I am about to throw this bugger out the C:OpenWindow.

Windows 7 2.x from .exe

Unfortunately, I cannot post a screen shot of the window since I must first delete the 1,240 mini files ("C:b001273, “C:b001274,” etc.) which contain 1 screen widths amount of data each, before I can find the original project under the “Recent Files” window. Thank you for the information about the top-most track. Is there any way to move the lower tracks up into the top window ? On my 1st attempt with this project, I exported the whole thing as a WAV file without the labels. It showed about the right size file for the whole recording, but when I burned a CD, it only reproduced the information from the top-most window.

I’m getting rather bothered with this rabbit hole. Thanks for any help that anyone can offer me.

Rev. Dr.

If you look more closely you will see that you have not opened “the file”, you have opened a “folder” and the files in that folder are not “.aup” files they are “.au” files.
These are not your exported files. The .au files are the audio data for the Audacity Project.
Please read this page which explains the structure of an Audacity Project: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Audacity_Projects

It is extremely likely that Audacity successfully exported 14 track.
Where did you tell Audacity to Export the files to?
What file format did you select?