Export multiple creates a 'Folder' ?

Newby here so apologies for the newby question. So, I’m exporting a saved project to Flack and it’s all the tracks from one of my 10’ real tapes. I used ‘Export Multiple’ since track marks and labels had been entered for the 28 cuts. I see that the result of the export is a ‘Folder’ of files, rather than a file of this one tape.
Will there be a way for me to play back this ‘Folder’ as I did my original tape?..or, do I now just have 28 individual files?..or did I mess up :slight_smile: .
Perhaps there is a better way for me to skin this cat? My project involves 36 of my 10’ tapes so I want to start off correctly.
Thanks in advance for any comments. I’m learning.

That depends on what you are playing the files with. Most digital media players support “playlist” files. If you have a folder full of audio files, you can make a playlist file that lists all of the audio files in turn. When you want to play the entire “album”, you would simply open the playlist file in your media player, and the media player will then play each listed file in turn.

Many media players allow you to create a play list in the app, and then save the play list as a playlist file.

More info about playlists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playlist
and one of the most common playlist formats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U

Just a detail, and possibly just a typo in your post, the format is “Flac” (not Flack").

Thanks Steve…makes sense, and since I have yet to invest in a good DAC, that’s what I was wondering.
Of course, making that ‘Play list’ would be a challenge for me since there will be over a thousand songs, 20-30 on ea. tape…w/each song from a different artist.
Another way I might accomplish a one-click-play (of a full old 10" tape) is to Export two files…one named Tape 32 (example) that’s exported as one file, and another as ‘Export Multiple’ that observes the track marks and my track naming convention.
Thanks again!