Export multiple, change in behaviour

Hi. I’ve been using Audacity for some years to split audio files into separate tracks, but my methodology has failed with a recent update. I’m on 2.4.2 now (from Ubuntu 22.04), the previous version was whatever came with Ubuntu 20.04.

I use ctrl+I to mark boundaries, select the interval, duplicate with ctrl+D, rename the duplicated track, for each track, then mute the unsplit original, and use export/multiple to create my individual FLACs. This used to work perfectly, but now instead of being cropped to content, all tracks are expanded back to to origin time, so I need to manually crop (expanding for each track) blank space from the start of each, and worse, I can find no easy way of doing that.

What’s changed, why, and how can I best work around this?

I do not understand properly what you are doing, and why you are doing it this way. Maybe you have a reason for it?

If you hafe a recorded track, from a vinyl or from an audio tape, you have the whole thing in one recording of xx minutes.

You should have a text file with all track names at hand (of course, you can do without, but then you must type the track name instead of only copying it)

Now, you should place the vertical line at a place where the new track begins. Also before the first track.

For every vertical line, copy the track title from your text file and then use Command-Option-V (on a Mac, the Linux should be similar) to insert the “label”.

Afterwards, you can “export multiple” as desired.

Ha! Thank you; that’s (in most circumstances) an easier and neater way of working, and does exactly what I want. I’d still like to know what changed, and why, but that’s no longer urgent :slightly_smiling_face:

No idea what was changed - I used that method for many years now, with several older versions of Audacity (probably even 2.x-versions).