Export Multiple Chain

Feature: apply a chain to each label of a recording recursively while running “Export Multiple”.

I get 60+ files each night and I would like to apply a chain to each labeled export as part of the “export multiple” process.
I want to clip-fix (when needed), compress, normalize and export each label as both an ogg and m4a file.
I need to automate as much as I can or I wind up spending hours each night processing files. I just let the recording run the entire night and just add the labels between the songs. After the show I need to normalize the files and export each label as a song in multiple file formats.

Ultimately I would like to be able to script a chain so I could say something like:

Example (ideal):
Check for clipping between next to labels and if there is Amplify -6 and apply a clip-fix
Compress with make-up gain
Export as OGG
Export as M4A
goto next label and process it…

Example (minimum required):
apply compression with make-up to each segment just before exporting while running an export multiple.

The gain make-up needs to happen for each file individually to normalize the files.


What’s the problem with doing Export Multiple, then running a Chain on the Exported files?

There are two issues.

  1. I don’t like the idea of intermediate file conversions, because it seems like there will be information lost in the process. (What intermediate format would you recommend on a PC? 32 bit signed WAV?)
  2. I would really just love to push a button at the end of the night and let the computer do the work.

For the time being I will take your suggestion and export to an uncompressed intermediate format, something like a 32 bit signed WAV and then run the batched processing on those files and delete them when it is done. This is several extra steps, but the results will be more normalized then if I run the Compression on the entire 4.5 hour stereo tract.

The problem is time. I record my karaoke shows nightly, so people can listed to themselves the next day…I am doing this to about 4.5 hours of music 4 nights a week, so I can’t afford to take extra steps during the processing of the files. I have been able to automate just about everything accept the steps in Audacity.

One more minor issue with Audacity 1.3 is that the “Label” feature starts to get really sllllowwww after about 2 hours of recordings. It was much faster in Audacity 1.2. I have tried splitting up the night into multiple Audacity sessions, but then I have to do everything twice at the end of the night! Should I make a trouble ticket about this, or is this a known issue?


One additional issue: There is no Export to m4a in the Chain commands, which is the format I was using to Safari and IE browser comparability. I guess I could switch from m4a to mp3, but the ogg/m4a combination seemed to word best from cross browser support when I did the research.

Ideally, 32-bit float. This is the format that Audacity uses by default internally, so there is no conversion and no quality losses by this intermediate step.
In practice, exporting in 16-bit WAV format will involve losses that are insignificant compare with the losses of converting to M4A or MP3.

That’s a known issue and the developers are onto it.

MP3 format is pretty well universally accepted and is probably the most common format for audio on the Internet.

Note that when Exporting as MP3, Audacity uses the compression settings that were last used, so check that the MP3 settings are correct before you run the chain.