Export Multiple always exports as 44100Hz

I have been using Audacity for work for over a year now and it is only recently that I’ve had problems with the software. I am on version 3.4.0 and I wasn’t able to find any help online for my issue. I think it may be a bug but I’d like to make sure I’m doing things right.

I process many audio files a week, sometimes like 100 audio files, that are sent to me in stereo 44000Hz WAVE format. I use audacity to split the files to Mono and export them at 16000Hz. Just last week I was able to drag files into the project window, split them manually by right clicking, change the project sample rate to 16000Hz, and then click “File > Export Multiple” and export each track as its own file.
Today when I went to do this I was surprised to find that the file sizes didn’t reduce by much after exporting. I opened the exported files using Audacity and the track information says that the file is 44100Hz. I tried to export at another sample rate (22050Hz) and the exported file is 44100Hz as well. The only way I can get Audacity to export at 16000Hz is by opening each file in its own window and setting the export range to “Entire Project” instead of “Multiple Files”.

Thanks in advance, I hope I can continue using Audacity!

This just got fixed in Audacity 3.4.1

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