Export mono lossless with center pan? [SOLVED]

This is driving me nuts and I’m sure it’s a simple solution.
I captured in files from a microcasette recorder as stereo without realizing it. There are 20 of them so I don’t want to redo them.
Tracks>stereo track to mono mangles the quality.
I then split the tracks from the menu on the track itself, deleted the lower track, changed the track to “mono” in the pulldown menu and made sure the pan was in the center on the remaining track, and exported. Still in the left headphone.
Looking for a solution that leaves the sound quality untouched, since these are old interviews and not great quality, and any tweaks make it worse.
What painfully obvious solution am I missing? Hopefully I will uncover the answer soon, but appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you

Still in the left headphone

That right there isn’t right. Does the track say MONO on the left INFO panel? MONO tracks play to both left and right.

There is a shortcut to what you’re doing. Left menu > Split Stereo to MONO and delete the track you don’t want.

I know no good way to reverse the pseudo-stereo you have. I’d be doing what you’re doing.

Select no tracks (click in a blank space). Generate > Noise > OK. That should be MONO and appear both left and right. Does it?


Thanks for your reply. Solved it - it’s working now. What may have happened was I was trying to select split stereo to mono, but selected the choice above it (split stereo track) by mistake.
Split stereo to mono seems to work without affecting the waveform.
Ok now I have 20 files to fix. Won’t make that mistake again! =/
Have a nice day …