Export many tracks of varying length but preserve timing

Hi folks!

Suppose you have 4 minute audio track. You record the first 2 minutes 20 times, and then the second 2 minutes 20 times.

You want to export these 40 tracks and send it to a friend for editing in a different software.

Audacity can do that easily, via export all tracks. But the problem is that my friend’s program will not know when the 20 tracks for the second half start. How to do this properly? Now you could of course manually set the second 20 tracks to start at minute 2, but my scenario is messier than the example above, see screenshot below:

If I export them, they all have varying lengths and starting times, and my friend could not import them to start at the right time.

What is the easiest fix for this? E.g. is there an easy way to extend all individual tracks to just have added silence where currently they have nothing? In Pro Tools, I would select all tracks from the very beginning to the very end, and simply “consolidate regions”, that would extend all tracks to the same length.

Hope this makes sense, thanks for your help

Which exact version of Audacity?

Your profile says “macOS”, but you’ve posted in the Windows forum. Do you use both? Does the problem happen on both?

Newest version on Windows (just downloaded yesterday). Cannot use my Mac right now, hence me asking here.

I am not sure it is a problem, it’s just how audacity works, and I need a way around it :slight_smile:.

I hate it when people say that :smiley:
Given that we don’t know where you downloaded it from, we don’t know for certain that it really is the newest version.
On Windows, the actual version number can be found in “Help menu > About Audacity”.

If you are using “Audacity 2.4.2”, reset Audacity with “Tools menu > Reset Configuration”.
By default, Audacity will replace empty space at the beginning of the track with “flat line” silence, so the clips will line up correctly when imported into another program.