Export Issue

I am new to Audacity so it is very possible I am doing something wrong, however, I have recorded and successfully exported several voice files. Now when I am trying to merge them and add music audio files and attempt to export it begins and then the progress window disappears and does not complete the export. I have tried to export as MP3 and WAV files with the same results. Suggestions? Thanks.

Which Windows and which Audacity?


Windows 10 and version 2.1.2

it begins and then the progress window disappears

But Audacity doesn’t crash? Will the system let you File > Save Project instead of Exporting a Sound File? That will let you bring back the timeline and all the tracks stacked up exactly as you saved it.

If it won’t do any of those things, you may have a walking dead show.

The desperation method is select each individual track by clicking just above MUTE and File > Export Selected. Repeat for each track.

I’m open to any other ideas.

I assume you have lots of hard drive space.

It’s possible restarting Audacity (and possibly the machine) may be the only way out. That may trigger the Audacity Auto Recovery system. See if Audacity doesn’t offer to recover the project when you restart.


Koz, for a new user we don’t need to ask the OS. Look to right of the post.


Do you mean that the progress dialogue remains but the progress bar does not move rightwards? If so it is a bug in Audacity 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 that occurs if one track is much shorter than the others. Just wait and the export will complete.

This bug has already been fixed in our source code and so will be fixed in the next release of Audacity.

If the progress dialogue does actually disappear are you sure the export was not made?


Audacity does not “crash” or shut down. The progress bar begins to display the time to completion, which has been over an hour each time, and then disappears. I have been able to export a project and re-import successfully.

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Look to right of the post.

Oh, right.
But this wasn’t a problem on 2.1.0?


After re-reading one of the answers, I looked again and there is a file in both WAV and MP3. Before I noticed it created a file but it was very small in size and would not play. This file actually plays. Thanks for the help!

No. The ever-increasing time remaining, if one track is much shorter than the other, is only in 2.1.1 and 2.1.2. The export is fine and finishes in the normal time, but the progress bar and time remaining don’t show you that.