Export in Apply Chains are saving only one file

I’ve been pulling my hair out on this one. Using 2.0.2 on Windows 7. When I do any apply chain command which is exporting to mp3 or wavs, it saves one file in the cleaned folder by the name of .aup.wav or .aup.mp3. If I export to a different name manually before applying chain, it saves to that name instead and doesn’t give me the multiple files I am processing. Has anyone ever seen this? I have uninstalled and erased the audiacity folder in the appdataroaming folder which got everything else back to square one, but this is still working the same way.

Thanks, Ed

Well I knew I would figure this out as soon as I posted the question. The problem was due to my files not having a wav extension. Once I added the extension, everything worked perfectly.


From what I can gather, you are applying Chains to a group of files that have no file extension. Yes if you import a file that lacks an extension (and Audacity recognises the file), this seems to populate the Audacity window title with “.aup”. Then, each file exported by the Chain is called “.aup” followed by a dot and the format extension you are exporting to, and this overwrites the previous file exported by the Chain so as to prevent the Chain halting at an “overwrite” warning.

Normally the file name you are exporting to from the Chain would only already exist if you deliberately apply the Chain again to the same source file.

This isn’t a problem if you have Windows set to its default behaviour to “hide extensions for known file types”, just if the file extension is missing. But if that’s the case you can trigger unpredictable behaviour anywhere on the system.

No doubt Audacity could handle this better, but I suggest you find out how the files lost their file extensions and correct the source of the problem if possible.