Export for MP3s goes straight to save without offering choice

Hi - I know some MP3 export issues exist on here but I haven’t seen this one. Currently my Adacity goes straight to the folder to save rather than offering a range of save options - ie 320, 240, 128 etc . I need to save in two sizes for a radio show upload send. NOW!! Seriously tedious and problematic . It was fine earlier today.

Advice/help appreciated ASAP of course!!

Exactly the same problem BUT, it also doesn’t allow for a change in file name- clings on to the original .mp3 name no matter what! This has made it impossible for me to upload to our oral history site.
I’ve not yet tried to export a .wav original as an .mp3, let alone change its name!
I work in the Mac Ventura 13.5.1 space.

Illustration of the above problem:

If you are using v 3.4.x, my advice is to uninstall it and revert to 3.3.3 for the foreseeable future.

How can I tell which version … will an earlier version still be able to handle audio files created in a later version? Thank you

Click Help > About on the menu to get the version you are using. Yes, the audio files will still work with an older version (as long as it is higher than 3.0 because the project files changed format between versions 2.x and 3.x).

Good luck and I hope that helps you.

Mark B

Thank you very much - very helpful … It seems to have sorted itself out … with the format choice in a different place and style … Turns out it is 3.3.3 SO fingers crossed it has settled down again now. Again thank you

I have the same issue with my Mac on version 3.4.1. Were you able to resolve it? Some suggest switching to 3.3.3, but I’m just afraid that my projects will be broken in the previous version.

Turns out to be a fault in the website software. All is forgiven & I’ll revert to the newest update!

The current two recommendations are 3.3.3 and 3.4.2.


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