Export file with big bass BUG

Hello ,i am using Windows 10 pro and audacity 2.4.2 , when i export a file with a lot of bass , i got a very strange sound when i upload it on discord but on my pc , it’s sound good :confused:
i send you a preview of the bug and the expected result ( WARNING EARRAPE )

Someone can help me ?

Red means (potential) [u]clipping[/u] (distortion).

The “digital maximum” is 0dB. Regular (integer) WAV files, CDs, your ADC and you DAC are all hard limited to 0dB and they will clip if you try to go over. The same thing happens in analog if you try to get 110W out of a 100W amplifier.

Audacity uses floating point internally so it won’t actually clip (until you export the file) but it will show red to warn you. The solution is to run the Amplify effect (in this case it will default to negative amplification) or Normalize effect to bring down the overall level before exporting.

…MP3 can actually go over 0dB but I’m not sure what the limit is. But you shouldn’t make an MP3 that goes over 0dB because the DAC will clip if you play it at “full digital volume”.

…MP3 is lossy compression, the wave shape changes and some peaks get higher and others lower. So it’s common to have an uncompressed original with 0dB peaks, and then the MP3 foes over. This slight clipping of the DAC doesn’t seem to be audible but some people normalized to -1dB or so of headroom so this doesn’t happen

…You can reduce volume of the clipped-distorted MP3 and that will “hide” the problem from Audacity so it won’t show red but that won’t fix the distortion… You have to start over.

Both of those files have massive amounts of distortion due to the level being set far too high. It looks like “user error” rather than a “bug”.

i’ve had usualy done a lot of file like this with my old pc (without problem) but with my new pc , it happen all time , i think it’s a problem with my audacity :confused:

Windows 10 pro and audacity 2.4.2

i’ve had usualy done a lot of file like this with my old pc (without problem)

Maybe you didn’t boost the bass as much, or maybe the file didn’t start-out as-loud, or maybe there wasn’t as much bass to begin with?

Most commercial music is normalized (AKA “maximized”). So if you boost the volume or boost the bass, etc., IT’S NORMAL to go over 0dB so you normally have to reduce the volume.

If you want it “LOUD” you can try the Limiter effect after boosting the bass. That will “push-down” the peaks to prevent clipping while keeping the loudness everywhere else. But, that will change the character of the sound and if you over-do it, limiting can sound like distortion. So, it’s something you’ll have to play around with to see if you like it.

If you are seeing red, reduce the level before exporting!

Ok so explain me how my friend can get this ? (BIG EARRAPE) he add a lot of gain , bass , and amplification

on my pc , it sound good , but when i upload it on discord hum … on my old laptop i’ve had usualy done a lot of file like this and it never got any problem

Windows 10 pro and audacity 2.4.2