Export error


I am having an issue when I export my files. I record in 48,000 Hz, and 24 bit. Save it as AIfF, and then I export it. For some reason after the files have been saved, when I go to open it it is now 32 bit. I have check my preferences, gone through the process several times. And have reinstalled the applications. Any suggestion as to why this might be happening?

How are you checking the bit depth? You can check with [u]MediaInfoOnline[/u].

The file size can also tell you (for uncompressed files). There are 8-bits in a byte so (Bit-depth/8) X sample rate (Hz) X number of channels X playing (seconds) gives you the file size.

when I go to open it it is now 32 bit. I have check my preferences

By default, Audacity converts everything to 32-bit floating-point. It makes “processing” easier.

Hmmm, is there any way to adjust default change in the settings?

Yes there is, but you shouldn’t do that.
Audacity works internally in 32-bit float format and for multiple reasons it is best for all of your tracks to be 32-bit float format.

Conversion to a lesser bit format should be done on export. For example, if you export as “24-bit WAV”, then Audacity will automatically convert the data and write 24-bit data into the WAV file.