Export does not work after using another software

For anyone that cares, I just encountered an interesting bug. I sometimes use Audacity to remove ‘clicks and pops’ from old recorded songs always with nice results…until now. I recently began using another software program called MP3gain on batches of songs so that they play back at the same level. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks, until today when I found out if I first run the songs through MP3gain and then use Audacity to remove the clicks and pops on one of those songs, Audacity acts as if it works when I export, but when I bring it up again, what I thought I fixed is still there. I can avoid the problem if I first use Audacity and later on use the MP3gain.

Curious… Check to make sure that you do not have two files of exactly the same name but different extensions in the same directory. Also, double-check your date and time stamps.

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