Export dialog exceeds monitor width

In certain circumstances the “export audio” dialog resizes by reference to the length of the longest command string input into the “Command:” text box. The circumstance where this occurs is when the “(external program)” option in the “Format:” dropdown applies. That option applies either when selected by the user after loading or on loading, if it was the option selected on the immediately prior occasion the dialog loaded.

This behaviour is by design: it is intended to permit the entire command string to be seen in the “Command:” combo box.

This causes a problem where the command string is very long. I use an ffmpeg.exe command string that does three things at once:

(a) mixes 12 channels down to 8 (which requires a detailed ffmpeg -pan string);
(b) adds the full metadata for the song (which requires multiple ffmpeg -metadata entries);
(c) adds the cover art for the song (which can be a long path).

The worst result is that with a fully expanded dialog box, the “Export” button can be off the screen, requiring dragging of the dialog until the bottom right most corner of the dialog box is back on screen.

There is a tension here between two design goals. First, there is the desirability of the full command string being visible without the user having to click into the “Command:” combo box and cursor across. Secondly, there is the desirability of a dialog box being available on one monitor, or at least all of the controls.
My suggestion as a compromise is that the existing behaviour should be retained but with a maxiumum width imposed of the width of the monitor on which it appears.

This might mean that in some cases the full command string will not be visible in the “Command:” combo box without cursoring but for me that is an easier interaction than moving windows around on screen. One solution to that issue would be to enable the text box portion of the “Command:” combo box to be multiline.

Audacity version: 3.4.2
OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 build 22621.3007

You really need to log this on the Muse GitHub issues log:

You will need a GitHub account for that, but those are free.


No worries, will do. I was not sure whether to characterise this as an issue or a feature request but I am happy to submit it on github. Thanks!

Thanks for your finding.
It’s been logged on Github as Export dialog exceeds monitor width · Issue #5884 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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