Export Creates MP3 with only one layer of audio?? [SOLVED]

I have Windows 8 and am using Audacity 2.0.6 and I used the .exe installer not the zip.

This is my first time using this program, I have been able to put together my first project! It has about 12 layers and is 5 minutes long. When I playback in Audacity everything sounds perfect and exactly the way I want it! Problem is when I “Export>MP3” it goes through the export process just fine but when I play the newly exported mp3? It is only playing my top layer of audio…and nothing else. And the length of the exported mp3 is only 3 minutes (the length of my top layer of audio). I have been searching on this forum and other places for hours to see why this is happening to no avail. Someone please help!!

Perhaps you could describe what you mean by “top layer of audio”. Are you referring to audio tracks? (manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audio_tracks.html)

What exactly are you trying to do?

So i imported several different layers of audio into my Audacity project. Moved them all around/edited them over the course of 3 days. So now I have my final edited project. It is a combination of almost 10 Stereo tracks that are all dubbed over each other. When I play the file in Audacity they all play in unison according to my editing and it sounds perfect. When I go to “export audio” it gives me all the choices to name it etc…it converts to a mp3 successfully. But when I actually play this outputted audio file it is simply an mp3 of my TOP layer of audio. And all the other layers i edited don’t play. So when I say “only one track” I mean that literally in my audacity my TOP LAYER of sound (aka literally on the top of the list on the screen) is the only part of the audio that exports into the mp3…its like the program is not consolidating all of my layers, instead it is just taking my first layer of sound and ignoring the entire rest of my project. Very frustrating.

yes i mean tracks. The export only exports my top track and ignores the rest of my project. I want all tracks to be dubbed together into ONE audio file.

Make sure you use File > Export Audio… and not File > Export Selected Audio… .

All muted tracks are ignored for export, so try Tracks > Unmute All Tracks.


They were all muted! That was the problem. I am an Audacity noob, but this simple issue caused me a lot of frustration! Hope this thread can help other confused people like me! SOLVED!!!