export audio

hi every one sorry if I m not in the right place but I m new here
can some one tell me how to export audio compilation mix and be able to see the names of the song when I will play the compillation in to my car
thanks and advance

What’s the steps in the middle? Are you making an Audio CD? USB Thumb Drive? MP3 Disk?


thanks for responding me, I try to do a usb drive mp3 to play it in to my car
I know alwredy how to export in mp3 but my problem is
after playing a first song wanna see the name of secand one and the nex after untel is finish thanks

You need to export each song as a separate MP3, see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html

If you label the songs in Audacity’s label track with the song name those are the filename that will be given to the exported file - and that should show when you play the USB stick in the car.


thanks I m gonna try that and I will let you know.

Some of this will depend on your particular player but one MP3 file can have only one title/artist/album, etc. (I have some concert-length MP3 files and there is no way to select a song… I also have separate files of the individual songs.)

If you’ve ever purchased an MP3 album from Amazon or an AAC album from iTunes, you get one file for each song.

If you are making an “album” and you want to play the songs in order there is a Track Number field in the ID3 metadata (Edit → Metadata). Your player probably has an option of playing the songs in track-number order or shuffle/random order.

Your player may allow you to select an album as a folder (assuming all of the songs for the album are in the folder) or it may find the album name in the metadata.