Export audio.

Is it possible to display a line “Export as mp3” in the main menu “File”? After all, the vast majority of files are exported as mp3.
Audacity 2.2.0-alpha-Mar 22 2017

Funny you should ask this right now …

We’re currently working on a major rework of the menu structure - and right now it’s looking like an “Export as MP3” will be one of the additions :sunglasses:


And this is what it might look like (still under iscussion and possible revision - but I’m pretty sure the direct MP3 export will stay.
New File Menu.png

So I ask, bypassing “Save Other”, immediately. One click instead of two, it is better.

You won’t need two clicks, just hover over the “Export Other” and the sub-menu will appear - and just the one click in there is required,

The whole point of the menu restructuring has been to shorten our menus many of which over the years have become overly-long and cumbersome. Hence the sub-menu structure.

This revised structure became popular when the developer involved trialled it in DarkAudacity so we decided to port those changes (with some modifications still under discussion) into Audacity for the next release. Menu reorganization is something we have discussed for years without making any real progress so I am excited by these changes.

For a look at DarkAudacity please see: http://www.darkaudacity.com/


Ctrl+Shift+E? Apparently, we’ll have to retrain. Anyway, two actions instead of one. Hover and click instead of just click. In general, this trend (submenu) is typical for other programs.

That will not happen because the developers want to shorten the root menus. Perhaps sometime, the developers may add user-customised menus.


I don’t see why - that’s the same shortcut that we have in 2.1.3 - in fact it’s been that shortcut since it was first introduced in Audacity 2.0.5 a long while ago.


I’ve looked again, completely uncomfortable, especially for those, who often use. Please, return the line (Export as mp3) to the main menu.

It was never there in the first place, exept in some 1.3 and 1.2 versions of Audacity.

As I said, the developers are determined to shorten the root menus. But we will look at all users’ feedback before finally deciding on details.

You can set a keyboard shortcut for Export MP3, then you don’t need to use the menus.


I have in mind returning to the main menu “File”. 4 years to use - and now to retrain. By the way, just getting used to “real time preview” Bass@Treble.

And since nobody’s posted the other half of this yet:

Never, ever do audio production in MP3.

MP3 creates sound damage every time it works. Compression effects and artifacts can permanently damage a valuable show.

ACX AudioBook requires posting of readings in MP3. In the course of producing different products from your reading, they may produce an MP3 from your MP3. If you started out life with one or more MP3 layers even before the submission, they’ll never make it. The end product will be bubbly and honky and the damage is permanent.

So I would firmly oppose making MP3 appear anything like the Default Export Format.

If you’re doing that much MP3 conversion work, maybe you shouldn’t be in Audacity at all. There are MP3 editing programs that have a restricted toolset, but don’t increase the quality damage.

What is your job? We may be able to figure a better way to do it.