Export Audio + Track Info Suggestions

I continue to be amazed at all the brilliant work that has gone into this project. Thank you!
A few suggestions:
1- Export Audio window - have location at top, then file name.
2- Export Audio window - have file name look at location > start typing name > current names drop down > choose from / alter. If exporting only one track, then start with track name.
3- Export Audio window - auto add file name extension to file name according to format chosen. Currently needs to be typed in if name changed.
4- Main window - show file extension in track title to keep straight if name the same in other tracks.
5- Main window - show bit rate (kbps) along with sample rate (kHz) so to show quality of imported file (compared to info shown in other apps).

islike the new exporter

  1. If you don’t type the extension into the name (.wav) it doesn’t automatically do it like the old one did
  2. It doesn’t remember/look up filenames in the folder from before so you have to type in the whole thing.

Yes, ““Dislike” the new exporter”"

The same issue here. I did several files in the way I’d normally do it - just typing in the name in the filename area - only to find that it didn’t put the file extension on the end of it automatically. I then had to rename all the files.

I don’t mind the other changes to the export audio, though, as the previous person suggests, getting the autofill back would be good.

Thanks for Audacity generally, though. I must have used it 1000 times!