Export Audio button not working

When I click on Export Audio, the dialogue pops up. I select a destination folder and then, when I click the “export” button itself, nothing happens. The dialogue just stays there. Nothing gets exported. Restarted. Nothing helps. Very unstable.

The “Format” and “Sample” dropdowns are empty. Should something be there? If so, there is nothing to select … the dropdowns are empty of selections as well. Very unstable.

Try reinstalling Audacity and resetting the preferences. It seems like you don’t have all files, or have the export modules disabled.

I can’t use the latest version because latency and pitch were varying. Downshifting to an earlier version stopped all that.

Now I have this problem along with the fact that, about half the time, mono tracks become locked in as “left” tracks. I have a PITA workaround for that which is creating a new mono track, copying the data there and deleting the “left” track. This software has become very unstable on windows the past 6 months or so.

For the latency pitch problems, there was no workaround which is why I must run an earlier versino of Audacity.

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