Export Audio and Change Volume

Is there a way you can export the audio to a .WAV file and change its overall volume at the same time? I don’t want to change the volumes of all the individual tracks in the project and I also have reservations about importing a .WAV file back into Audacity, changing its volume and exporting it again, which may result in degraded audio quality. What’s the best way to do this?

Export and effects can’t be done simultaneously.

You can select a particular track, apply an effect to it and File > Export Selected Audio… .

If you export to 32-bit float WAV, assuming you have the disk space and your player software can play it, there will never be any degradation.


Oh OK, so there is no master fader of sorts where you can adjust the overall volume, then export will be a recording of that volume? You know, like in hardware digital mixers where you adjust the recording volume through a master fader?

I will try 32 bit float and see how that turns out.

There is no Master Fader, but we can add your “vote” for that so we know some users would like that.

You can of course select all the tracks and use Effect > Amplify… but that changes the audio data (height of the waves). Amplify doesn’t take into account the mix volume, but you can preview different volume adjustments and look in the playback meter to see if the mix is clipping.

And you can always Tracks > Mix and Render to New Track and Solo that track then just use the gain slider on that track.