Export as wav

i have mac osx 10.8.4…and audacity 2.0.3…today i tried for the first time to export an audacity saved recording as WAV …but audacity told me "cannot export audio to /volumes/audacity 2.0.3/ (name of my track)
On my previous mac…i had audacity…clicked export…chose wav…and it saved it as a wav file. But now…it’s not doing it!! please help! thanks :confused:

You should not be saving work to the same place that contains the Audacity program. That’s dangerous. Save to your desktop or Music or Documents or someplace like that.

You have a volume named Audacity 2.0.3? A whole hard drive dedicated to your program?


Hi !
i had it on applications? at least i think,lol
But anyway…took your advice…changed the destination folder from “audacity” to " music"…and BINGO…it worked !!
Ever so gratefull!! THANK YOU ! Very helpful forum…i suspect somehow…i’ll be coming back with more stupid questions in the future!

Almost certainly the reason you get the message about not able to export to “Volumes” is because you are running Audacity from the DMG. If you do that you will not be able to run Audacity with all effects and settings.

Please drag the “Audacity” folder from the DMG to your /Applications folder, eject the DMG, then run Audacity from the “/Applications/Audacity” folder.


Exellent…i’ll try and do that. Thanks for advise !! will keep u posted :slight_smile: