Export as MP3 does not see the AUP file[SOLVED]

I have LAME and Audacity 2.0.3. My problem is in trying to export a saved track to another folder as an MP3 I don’t see the Audacity Project file in the export window. I see the data file but not the .aup file so I can’t export it. I use Windows 8 and I have files & folders set to show hidden. Jomarl

You don’t need to see the AUP Audacity file, nor will you see it in the file lists because it is not an audio file. The AUP file is only a text file that tells Audacity how to piece together the small AU files in the _data folder. Also you don’t absolutely need to save an AUP project at all. Please see Audacity Manual and read the links thereon to learn more.

So just go ahead and choose “MP3 Files” in the “Save as type” box, then type the name you want for the MP3 file. Click the “Options…” button to configure the MP3 quality.

If you need to have a dot in the file name, add


after the file name.


Great solution! Thanks!