Export as Big-endian


I am trying to export a Microsoft wave file to a LPCM. I tried exporting it as a raw(headerless) signed 16bit pcm but, no dice. I am trying to convert the audio for use in a Blu-Play game and it has to be using very specific settings. The audio file is being converted to 48000hz 16-bit PCM. However when i try to play it using PowerDVD it doesn’t play. I tried another file that I know works and it does work. I think the issue is the file has to be converted from Little-endian to Big-endian. How do i export it as Big-endian?

I doesn’t play at all?

If the byte order is wrong it should play but it might sound like garbage/noise and it might not be recognizable at all… It would not be silent.

In fact you can open/play any file on your computer as raw data and it will sound like noise if if’s not an uncompressed audio file or if you get the format details wrong.

Can Power DVD play a raw file? I’d be very surprised! Of course it can play LPCM “packaged” (multiplexed) in an audio/video file or regular WAV files are also LPCM (with a WAV file header).

What are the required settings?