Expert audacity help

I used audacity to narrate a book for
They have sent me feedback with technical changes that need to be made. The issues concern RMS levels, peaks and overprocessing by noise reduction.
I would like some help in trying to fix the files. If you are expert in these aspects, please let me know and we can then discuss.



We’re working on a recipe to fix common processing errors. Can you post large sound files where we can access them? Post about five seconds of mono, 44100 WAV format dialog and a little Room Tone (hold your breath and stop moving for five seconds). Post the raw capture. We’re not interested in how you processed it.

You can post sound samples on the forum, but not enough for serious analysis. If you use DropBox, make sure we have the ability to access and download the files.


Sorry. That’s 44100 rate audio, not 4100. Music CD standard.

The issues concern RMS levels, peaks and overprocessing by noise reduction.

All very common problems with someone recording in a polished, bare floor living room or office with noisy computers.

We can’t give you a “push this button and everything will be OK” list…yet.

You can probably start with a mono sound test as above, normal speaking for about five seconds and then hold your breath for three or four seconds. Post it to the forum as a 256 quality MP3. That should fit in the system. The forum will tell you if the sound file is too big.

We can’t work blind (or deaf). Some presentations will never pass audiobook certification. Anybody can record game commentary or personal podcast. Doing it for pay is a little more difficult.