expanding labels

After conducting an interview I label the responses (labels track appears below corresponding audio). If I select a portion of audio (and the corresponding section of the label track) and generate a few seconds of silence or paste something in, the audio track expands as I want but the label doesn’t and all my labels get screwed up. How do I expand a label and have the others that follow it adjust accordingly?

Also interesting is that I can select a portion of the label track only and delete it and the following labels will adjust accordingly. I just can’t seem to insert and adjust the label.

Being the newbie I am sure there is a simple solution but I just can’t seem to find it.

Win10, Audacity 2.1.2

That’s Sync-Lock Tracks.


It’s the little clock symbol.


Thanks Koz. I tried Sync-lock and it wasn’t working the way I thought (or expected). However, I was rushing and I probably need to play around with the functionality more to get a feel for it.